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Grace Kelly has been dead for almost three decades, but next fall she will be making a splash in Toronto.

Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox has secured the exclusive North American engagement of Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess, which will run from Nov. 4 to Jan. 22, 2012. An official announcement is expected this week.

The late princess of Monaco’s rarely viewed gowns and artifacts, from the palace where she married Prince Rainer III in 1956, will be on display.

The Lightbox show is based on two recent shows that caused a stir across the Atlantic. The first was the Grimaldi Forum’s 2007 exhibition in Monaco called The Grace Kelly Years. A 2010 show — Grace Kelly: Style Icon — drew huge crowds to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

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Jealous of Toronto rn, ngl.

When we first saw Kate Middleton, now Princess Catherine (actually now the Duchess of Cambridge), in her wedding gown, we were speechless at how beautifully the Sarah Burton-designed gown came out. Upon taking a closer look, we realized that the princess's dress resembled that of another iconic princess — Grace Kelly. It's easy to see why Kate would be inspired by the Princess of Monaco; her dress was classically gorgeous, sophisticated, and ladylike, without being too over the top. From the lace sleeves, to the form-fitting bodice, to the delicate veil, Kate's gown was a contemporary take on the late, great Grace's elegant style.

{From Fabsugar}

Their bouquets were very similar as well!

Just goes to show what an icon Grace still is, even 29 years after her death and 55 years after her own wedding.

Wedding? We don't need no stinking wedding
By Becky Batcha

Kate Middleton, Kate Schmiddleton.

According to one poll, 39% of Americans don't give a flying lorry lift about tomorrow's royal wedding, and we can relate.

If Buckingham Palace "insiders" want to diss the mother of their country's princess-to-be because she calls the "loo" the "toilet," very well then. We'll remain calm and carry on without Elizabeth and Charles and Camilla and the whole oddball lot of them.

By special proclamation from the crown room here at the People Paper, we hereby declare the Thursday Yo! pages to be a beachhead against the House of Windsor invasion.

Do-ta-da-do! (Insert trumpet fanfare here.)

You want a princess, we'll give you a princess. Her Serene Highness, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, 1956 to 1982. Jack's daughter. Movie star. Pride of East Falls.

Now there was a princess.

The screen queen's April 1956 nuptials to Prince Rainier III, now there was a wedding of the century.

In the great princess smackdown, mano-a-Manolo, Grace vs. Kate, we'll take our hometown highness any day. Here's why she totally rules:

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A PDF of the article here: Royal Smackdown.
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23 April 2011 @ 06:19 am
Game of Thrones. Borgias. Tangled. The King's Speech. Grace Kelly. To Catch a Thief. Cleopatra.

siganme @ garden_of_aloe
19 April 2011 @ 02:06 pm
...and LIFE remains stingy with the goods. :(

From People's website:

Before Kate and William, and before Diana and Charles, there were Grace and Rainier.

In 1956, Hollywood royalty Grace Kelly – already beloved from her work in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and an Oscar winner for The Country Girl, married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, to become real royalty as the Princess of Monaco.

As the world waits just 10 more days for the largest-scale royal wedding ever, 55 years ago Kelly, then 26, set the bar extravagantly high for royal "I Dos." The golden-haired actress wore a wedding dress designed by award-winning M-G-M costumer Helen Rose, which had been labored over for six weeks by the hands of three dozen seamstresses.

With 600 guests in attendance – including luminaries-of-the-day screen stars Ava Gardner and Gloria Swanson and hotelier Conrad Hilton – and an additional 30 million viewers tuning in at home, he wedding was certainly the actress's most-watched role ever. Fortunately, LIFE magazine captured it all from behind closed dressing room doors, beneath balconies and across the hushed aisle.

To commemorate the 55th anniversary of the marriage of Grace and Rainier, LIFE has also released an intimate gallery featuring the publication's coverage of the 1955 wedding.

The venerable title has also released an assortment of previously unpublished portraits of Grace Kelly before she became the Princess of Monaco. All shots were taken by celebrated photographer Loomis Dean from 1953 to 1954.

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So what do you all think? Some of them really aren't actually new, but I get excited whenever I see the words "Grace Kelly" and "rare photos" in the same sentence.
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